A Handy Lift for Your Bike or ATV

Why you need a lift


If you’re serious about doing work on a motorcycle or an ATV, perhaps in your home garage or even in your shop, you’re going to need a lift. It can’t just be any lift. It has to lift whatever you throw at it, it has to do it easily, safely and most importantly it has to be convenient. In other words, it has to be Handy.


Handy is your best choice


Handy is an Iowa-based manufacturer of high-end motorcycle, ATV and UTV lifts with nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience. Handy proudly manufactures its entire product line in the United States, and ships internationally. It’s product line is composed of 14 different kinds of lifts as well as a multitude of shop products and accessories.


Handy’s motorcycle lifts come in various lengths and surface sizes, designed to lift anywhere between 1,200 lbs for the base models all the way to 1,800 lbs for the high-capacity models. Many of their models rise to about 40 inches above the ground for you to be able to work on your bike easily at waist-height. Handy right?


Not only have the lifts been designed to suit some of the tallest mechanics, they are also build safe. Take for example their best-seller model, the Handy Standard 1200 Air lift: It is build with domestic steel and a durable powder coat finish, and has a ratcheting safety mechanism with dual springs to keep the lift in place and it automatically resets when the lift is fully lowered.

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