Children Dental Options and The Right Treatment

The problem with the child’s teeth is the common problem of the parents, the child and the doctor. Correct behavior of parents before admission and during treatment is very important for the treatment to take place and went well. It is also important to keep positive memories of the doctor and treatment. The child must leave in a good mood, and not with the feeling that he is bad, even if the treatment has not taken place. We want to give parents some advice:

  • Do everything possible so that your anxiety and excitement is not passed on to the child, behave naturally and at ease.

When going to the dentist, do not focus on this. Do not exaggerate the seriousness of the situation and do not frighten the child before admission. Do not stress the importance, much less the unpleasantness of the event.

  • Do not tell the child that the doctor will not do anything, because it is not so, and the child will immediately feel that he was deceived. Say that the doctor “will look and brush his teeth,” “cure” if they hurt. Do not say the words “prick”, “drill”.
  • If you visit the dentist for the first time, do not soothe the child with the words “do not be afraid”, “it’s not scary,” “it does not hurt.” He does not yet know that we need to be afraid of something.

If the child is small, tell him that you are going to a good doctor, to whom all the children go, because he loves and heals them, from him all the children come out cheerful and healthy. Tell us that a good doctor will look at the teeth to find out how they grow. Emphasize that you will be near. In you can get the best options now.

The Child

If the child is older, tell him why it is important to have healthy teeth. Sincerely, be surprised if the child is afraid: “Why should you be afraid of the doctor? He helps us get rid of troubles, advises, treatsand cares about our health and well-being. ‚ÄúTell me that you were scared before, but it turned out that it’s not painful to treat the teeth, but the doctor is very attentive and good. The main thing is a positive attitude.

  • Do not bully or threaten your child so that he does not resist the doctor. The effect will be short-lived and the child will behave in the same way.
  • Do not indulge, beg, and beg. This behavior of parents makes the child uncontrollable.

If you stayed with the doctor for a reserved time, but the treatment did not take place, you experience negative emotions. In response to them, the child can also become angry. Try to talk with the child about his feelings.