Taragh Bracken

Grand canyons, lush rainforest, waterfalls that go on for all of eternity, ravenous volcanoes… Only the great islands that make up Hawaii can account for the beautiful scenes from Jurassic Park and Lost. If you’re like Taragh Bracken—the absolute best family lawyer in Whitby, Ontario who also has a sweet spot for immersing herself in nature—then you have got to follow Bracken throughout her vacation to down South.


As Bracken has a vacation home in Hawaii, she has already scouted the best areas to travel to in terms of activities and excursions. Here are her top tips that any newcomer (even while travelling as a family) should feed their exploratory hearts.


  • The Breathtaking Kaui landscapes will enlarge your appreciation for all that nature has to offer. If you have the time, Bracken suggests tackling this island through all lenses. First, you can take a helicopter ride over the expanse of mountainous gems to see the vast waterfalls hidden in distinct areas. You can then feel small against life that Mother Nature brings to us by taking a catamaran tour in the ocean. Snorkeling will also allow you to get near to the hidden sea caves, where you will view seals, dolphin pods and sea turtles wondering their way through the sparkling ocean. If you’re more the adventurous type, then all you’ve got to do is literally follow Taragh Bracken’s footsteps and take the challenge of the 22-mile trail that will take you through the coast.
  • If you love to surf, then you’ve got to take lessons while in Hawaii. The lawyer’s children had the fortune of learning this sport while on vacation in Costa Rica, and now use their vacation home as a place to refine their skills. If you’re more a beginner or intermediary, then beware because Hawaii hosts two of the most difficult surfing locations in the world. For this type of surf level, you’re better off at the Big Island’s Kona Bay.
  • Have you ever seen an active volcano? Now is your chance while taking a helicopter ride over the great thrill of Big Island.